Thomas K. Evans Memorial Scholarship

Thomas K. Evans Memorial Scholarship…

Getting the education of your dreams keeps getting more challenging as tuition fees increase. Hence, there is a need to assist students who need financial assistance to pursue higher education. Fortunately, there is a way for modern students to offset their fees and rise above their financial limitations. 

The Thomas K Evans Memorial Scholarship comes with the fantastic idea of helping students study their dream course by taking advantage of the financial aid. The scheme aims to help you get through college regardless of your financial situation. This blog will give you a breakdown of how this program works, plus how you can apply to qualify for your scholarship.

Thomas K Evans Memorial Scholarship Info

The Thomas K Evans Memorial Scholarship is a funded scholarship created in honor of Thomas K Evans. It was designed to help give educational funding to students who want to pursue higher education. They are being provided with tuition fees, and for people who get accepted to receive the scholarship. College students who wish to enter fields like technology, science, engineering and math can apply for this merit-based scholarship. 

The organizers of the Thomas K Evans Memorial Scholarship want to ensure that creative minds in these selected fields can have the platform to grow and excel. Apart from students who experience financial difficulties, special classes of individuals are offered assistance, like orphans. Education fees are covered through programs like financial aid and resources for orphan students.

It is an opportunity to impact the world positively by getting the education and exposure needed. Thomas K Evans Memorial Scholarship offers $ 5,000 yearly to students in Quad Cities for their education.

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Is the Thomas K Evans Memorial Scholarship Worth It?

Many students have benefited from this Quad City-based scholarship to get their desired education. The most recent beneficiary is Landen Freeman, a Davenport North High School student. Since its launch in 2017, the Thomas K. Evans Memorial Scholarship has been a beacon of hope for young creative people. Students can now get funding for education at their favorite college like you can get financial aid for online colleges or Excelsior Scholarship Program NYS.

Eligibility Status For Thomas K Evans Memorial Scholarship

Students applying for the Memorial Scholarship program must consider its eligibility criteria. Thomas K Evans Memorial Scholarship requires that applicants meet the following requirements.

  • Field of Study: The program is open to students in specific disciplines. If you are in the field of science, engineering, technology or math, you are welcome to apply
  • Excellent Academic Records: The applicants must be done with their junior year of high school and expected to graduate in 2024
  • Quad-Based: Applicants must be from high schools based in the Quad City. It can be any college in East Moline, Bettendorf, Rock Island and Davenport
  • Proof of Community Involvement: The scholarship will assess the applicants based on how involved they are with community involvement. This includes their participation in leadership, community service, and how they are impacting their environment positively
  • Demonstrated financial needs: Applicants must state their financial needs by providing financial information. You must need financial assistance while writing your application to be considered
  • Letter of Recommendation: The scholarship scheme will want to see a letter of recommendation attesting to your character

How to Apply For the Thomas K. Evans Memorial Scholarship

Applicants who want to apply for the Thomas K Evans Memorial Scholarship must have a few things in mind before applying. Application forms for the scholarship program are available to be filled out online by all applicants. You will fill out the form with a short essay and a reference letter. 

Alternatively, you can print the online form and complete it as a hard copy. Email the application form and essay as attachments through the US Mail, which will be sent to the Thomas K Evans Memorial Scholarship address or the scholarship email For the reference letter, the referee will send the letter to the scholarship headquarters at 426 W. 2nd Street, Davenport, IA 52801. 


Application Deadline

Application opens for all students who want to apply for the Thomas K. Evans Memorial Scholarship from 7/12/2023. The application period will be open until 27/2/2024 when it closes. Ensure to register on time before the date for the deadline. Plus, ensure you submit everything needed, from the application letter, letter of reference, and essay, which should be part of your document. Award notification should be available from 12/5/2024.


The Thomas K. Evans Memorial Scholarship program funds are disbursed to every student equally. Every student is expected to receive $5,000 each as the amount the scheme offers for educational funding.

Conclusion on Thomas K. Evans Memorial Scholarship

Being unable to get the education you need because of funding is a major predicament students face today. Many brilliant students have been cut short of their dreams despite being bright enough to build a career. Some have either put a hold on attending school or resigned to learning a trade. 

Well, the Thomas K. Evans Memorial Scholarship was set up to help students with the funding to achieve their goals. If you are in Quad City, you can use this scheme to pursue your career.

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