The Roles of Immigration Lawyers: What Do They Really Do?

Ever wondered what the roles of immigration lawyers are? What do they really do? Come with us as we explore the world of immigration law. Recently, immigration has become a word on almost everyone’s lips, and you may be asking why it is so. It’s so because millions of people are now interested in pursuing their dreams in foreign lands.

However, the process of immigration can be frustrating due to difficulty in navigating the immigration laws and rules, which not everyone understands, and this is where the immigration lawyers step in.

Immigration lawyers in the US and all over the world play an essential role in helping individuals navigate through the complicated world of immigration law. Furthermore, they assist different client, regardless of their background, in achieving their immigration dreams. In this post, we’ll walk you through all you need to know about the roles of immigration lawyers: what do they do? Hop in!

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Good Immigration Lawyer?

There are so many benefits of hiring a good immigration, and we’ll take a look at some of them below: 

  • When you hire an immigration lawyer, you enjoy personalized guidance. They take their time to pay attention to your case and devise means to give you a better representation 
  • A good immigration lawyer assists you in arranging all the paperwork. They make sure everything concerning documentation is in place. It can save you stress and help you navigate through any immigration process effortlessly. 
  • You will enjoy a faster immigration law process when you hire a good immigration lawyer. Processing your application will be faster than you can ever imagine 
  • An immigration lawyer can represent you if the case eventually goes to court. Immigrants facing deportation or any other immigration challenges can hire an immigration lawyer to get better representation and guidance 

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What are the Roles of Immigration Lawyers? What do they Do?

Knowing and understanding the roles of immigration lawyers will enable you to know when to hire them. Let’s discuss some of the roles they play below:

Document Preparation 

One of the roles of immigration lawyers is document preparation, which involves ensuring that all the necessary forms and documentation are appropriately arranged and submitted before the deadline. 

Also, it’s only the immigration lawyers that can do this better because they understand how it works. When an error occurs in the documentation processes of immigration, it can lead to possible denial. Furthermore, they do these easily and ensure it’s done correctly.

They Specialize in Different Types of Visas

Immigration lawyers help clients play a crucial role during the visa selection process. They understand the best visa you need and can help you select it. One of the roles of Immigration lawyers is to help clients secure green cards. They do this by assisting someone who understands and meets the eligibility criteria.

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Immigration Lawyers Help With Legal Consultation

One of the roles of the immigration lawyers is to help applicants with all the necessary legal consultation. They One help their clients know all that is involved in obtaining a green card or visa, seeking asylum, and pursuing citizenship. 

Additionally, the consultation process is meant to be one of the first steps in immigration procedures, so it requires due diligence and is why you should engage an immigration lawyer.

They Help in Cases of Deportation

Immigration lawyers assist clients during a case of deportation. Their expertise comes into play in cases like this, and it involves the use of diverse strategies. Furthermore, during a deportation case, the immigration lawyer stands in the gap for the client.  They ensure that the individual involved gets justice when there is a need for that.

Business Immigration

Oftentimes, the immigration lawyers come through for entreprenuers facing immigration challenges. One of the roles of immigration lawyers is to help with business immigration. They assist in securing the necessary visas, such as H-1B or L-1 visas, and ensure that skilled workers can legally work in the host country. Their expertise helps businesses navigate the complexities of immigration laws while staying compliant.

How Do I Choose an Ideal Immigration Lawyer? 

Choosing the best immigration lawyer who understands their roles and set to accomplish them is essential. However, when doing this, consider the experience level and specialization of the lawyers in question, and check out for reviews from their past clients. 

What are the client’s testimonies? Are they satisfied clients? Also, check if the immigration lawyer has a track record of success handling similar cases. Can the person offer practical insights that can increase the possibility of achieving success?

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Why Does Immigration Case Take Too Long?

So many ask this question almost all the time, and we’ll answer it below:

Complex Cases

One of the reasons immigration cases take too long to be resolved is due to complex issues. There are immigration cases that appear more complicated than the others. Cases like this take more time for the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) to review them. Furthermore, it could be due to the client’s profile, the type of visa, or the green card they are seeking.


There are far more pending immigration cases than USCIS can handle due to the agency’s considerable backlog. The COVID-19 outbreak, which caused a reduction in immigration officers and a holdup in case processing, has worsened this backlog.

Administrative Delays

One of the reasons immigration cases take too long is because of administrative delays. This means specific cases can be delayed due to how the administration works. Issues like paperwork, setbacks in scheduling interviews, and missing documents. These are some of the things that can cause delays.

Applicants Legal Representation 

When you hire an immigration lawyer, there are chances of your cases being handled faster than when you decide to represent yourself. So, one of the reasons an immigration case takes too long is the applicant’s legal representation. Hiring an immigration lawyer will give you a better result and a faster process.

Background Checks and Security Clearances

Due to how long it may take the U.S. Citizenship and immigration services (USCIS) to carry out all the security and background checks, immigration cases may take too long to be resolved.

Is it Possible to Handle an Immigration Case Without Hiring a Lawyer

Yes, it’s possible to handle an immigration case without hiring a lawyer. However, it takes time, and you might not make progress if you don’t understand immigration laws and how they work. 

Furthermore,  one of the roles of immigration lawyers is to navigate the challenges of immigration laws, which you cannot do if you decide to handle it all by yourself.

In addition to that, immigration laws are constantly evolving, and if you decide to hand the case on your own, you may encounter roadblocks on the way that may ruin things for you.

What are the Most Common Immigration Challenges People Encounter?

People encounter many immigration challenges during their immigration process before a visa is granted. However, there are the most common ones, which include:

  • Visa denials 
  • Delay in processing the visa 
  • Deportation threats 

Immigration lawyers can handle these common immigration challenges. Note that they are part of the roles of immigration lawyers.

Is an Immigration Lawyer Worth the Cost?

Deciding whether immigration is worth the cost depends on the situation at hand and what your needs are. The experience and expertise of the immigration lawyers will also determine if hiring one is worth it. 

Furthermore, some immigration lawyers charge as high as $150 to $500 per hour, depending on the lawyer’s experience and expertise. Again, location is part of what determines the worth of an immigration lawyer.

Conclusion on the Roles of Immigration Lawyers: What Do They Really Do?

In conclusion, understanding the roles of immigration lawyers will enable you to know when to hire one. Navigating an immigration case may look simple until you dive into it, and you’re faced with roadblocks and don’t know what next to do. The roles of immigration lawyers is to make the process easy and free from complications. Furthermore, if you’re faced with a deportation issue, they can also help you solve them.

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