Sample Affidavit Of Bona Fide Marriage Letter For Immigration

Are you looking for a sample affidavit of a bona fide marriage letter for immigration? Or do you want to write an affidavit for a couple?  We’re here to give you this and a clue to help you write that effortlessly, so you need not worry. 


It is a rather sad reality that immigration fraud happens pretty regularly, and as a result of these shenanigans, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is on high alert for sham marriages, which isn’t a bad thing. However, this means that you have to focus a bit on providing documentation that shows you are not one of the scamsters. 


If you have a legitimate relationship, affidavits from family members and friends can help you achieve your objective by providing a glimpse into your everyday life as a couple. 


These affidavits are essential to people who don’t have a lot of other quality evidence to show their relationship and marriage are real. So, if this is your situation, it will be helpful to provide these affidavits to strengthen your application. Come with us as we show you a sample affidavit of a bona fide marriage letter for immigration.


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What is a Bona Fide marriage? 


A Bona fide marriage is a legitimate union between two people who intend to build a future together and not just for immigration or a green card. 

Affidavit For a Bona Fide Marriage


Affidavits for a bona fide marriage are sworn statements or letters from friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers, or anybody who knows about your relationship with your spouse. This is to testify that the marriage between you and your spouse is authentic. 


These letters must provide full details about how the writer knows the couple and why they think the marriage is not fraudulent. So you see why it is essential to meet someone who knows about your relationship well to write an affidavit for you.  

Example Evidence to Prove a Bona-Fide Marriage


For couples who have been married for several years and have proof of living and accumulated wealth together, these are some pieces of evidence to demonstrate to immigration officials that your marriage is genuine.

Joint financial assets 


If you and your spouse have a joint account, it is good to provide the records as it is firm evidence of a bona fide marriage between you and your spouse. 


The documents to provide include: 


  •  Joint credit card statements 


  • Proof of making each other beneficiary on each other’s retirement accounts 


  • Joint bank statements 


  • Further joint investment accounts you may have 


Proof of Raising Children Together 


Another firm support for your immigration case is providing proof of raising children you have together or in your previous marriage(s).  Documents you should provide are: 


  • Medical record of pregnancy or fertility treatment 


  • Birth certificate of the children you have together showing both parents’ names 


  • School or medical records indicating that the stepparents are listed as emergency contacts 


  • If the child(ren) were adopted, you must provide the adoption certificate 


Joint Ownership or Lease of Property 


If you own a property, whether real estate or other significant property, together, you should provide evidence of joint ownership. If you no longer hold it, you must provide proof that you jointly had a property. This is another evidence of your bona fide marriage. The necessary documents to provide are:


  • Property tax bills
  • Mortgage account statements
  • The purchase contract
  • Closing papers
  • Utility bills
  • Mortgage agreement
  • Home repair documents


However, when the property is leased to you and your spouse, you must provide evidence of the rental agreement, rent receipt, and utility bills.

Joint Responsibility for Financial Liabilities and Welfare 


Providing a shared responsibility for financial liabilities such as loans will go a long way in demonstrating that your marriage is not a sham. Below are some documents that may be of support: 


  • Proof of being beneficiaries of each other’s life and health insurance 


  • Joint bank account, wire transfers, or checks from one partner to the other 


  • Credit card statements having the names of the couple 


  • Designation of one spouse to the other as the person to be notified of any emergency 


  • Loans or credit lines for any significant purchase bearing both spouses’ names 


  • Power of attorney, trusts, wills referring to both spouses 


  • Other insurance statements, such as home, car, and life insurance 

Proof of Relationship and Shared Activities 


Another vital evidence for your application is proving your genuine affection for each other and the moments you shared. 

Such evidence includes: 


  • Correspondence between both of you in the form of birthday cards, letters, emails, etc 


  • Receipts from gifts such as wedding rings, birthday presents, or any other present you bought for each other.


  • Wedding related:  evidence of wedding like invitations, certificate, a wedding sign-in-book, newspaper that announced the wedding, etc.


  • Trips you have taken together or visited each other 


  • Photographs:  Photos with you and your spouse or you and your spouse with family and friends. You may include photos you took when you were dating to show that you both have been in a loving relationship before the wedding. 


Ensure you arrange your photos in an album with a description of the context of the photos. It is important to note that the more evidence you provide, the better your chances of proving your bona side. But this does not mean you should bombard immigration officials with many papers. 


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Sample Affidavit of a Bona Fide Marriage Letter For Immigration 


Let us look at a sample affidavit of a bona fide marriage letter for immigration. If you are writing a testimony for someone, keep it concise and sweet. Do well to stick to what you know about the couple and what you have witnessed; do not lie. 


An appropriately crafted affidavit must include the full name and address of the writer, the title of the third party affidavit, who you are writing for, the relationship to the applicant, details about the relationship, and signature. 


Below is a sample affidavit of a bona fide marriage letter for immigration: 


                                 Ruth Walter

                                105, Main St.

                               Army Town, CA90,000 


                               August 19th, 2023



P.O box 212000

Phoenix AZ85036


    Third-Party Affidavit of Bona Fide Marriage


Subject: Affidavit in support of PETITIONER’S NAME and BENEFICIARY’S NAME


    To whom it may concern, 


I’m writing to confirm that I have known (the petitioner and beneficiary) for X number of years and consider them good friends. I met the BENEFICIARY at PLACE as we both worked at X. A few years later, I met the PETITIONER when they started dating. I have had the pleasure of watching their relationship grow into the truly strong partnership it is now. 


I have spent a lot of time with them, and we see each other regularly. (Petitioner and Beneficiary) have been living together in the same apartment since 2017. I was invited to their engagement party in 2019. Their wedding at PLACEX was heartwarming, and I served as one of the witnesses and maid of honor. At the ceremony, both families were getting along well and seemed excited for them. (Petitioner and Beneficiary) seem very happy together and very much in love. 


  Thank you for allowing me to share this information with you. Please contact me on (your contact number) if you have any questions. 


  I swear under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and accurate to my knowledge. 





                                                 Ruth Walter. 


Wrapping Up On Sample Affidavit of Bona Fide Marriage Letter For Immigration


In conclusion, the third-party affidavit can be written by anyone who knows about your relationship and marriage. This person must not necessarily be in the United States. Also, It must be written in English or translated into English. It must be signed and notarized. Follow the sample affidavit of a bona fide marriage letter for immigration above to write yours. 

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