Most Common Canadian immigration Interview questions and answers 


Relocating from your country to another can be quite tasking, and Canada is no exception. The procedures are always challenging and confusing to workers, entrepreneurs, and students entering Canada. Before you’re granted access to Canada, you must certainly go through the Canadian immigration process, and you’ll also provide accurate answers to some critical questions. 

Also, if you happen to be a student that has intentions of studying in Canada or a business person looking to establish one business or the other in Canada, there are specific immigration questions that you have to undergo at the immigration office or on their official website, and this is what we’ll be looking at in this post.

At the immigration office, you will be asked several questions to determine if you are eligible and qualified to study in Canada or establish a business and your intentions for choosing to attend school in Canada or do business there. 

However, do not worry; in this article, we’ll show you the most common Canadian immigration interview questions and answers to help you come out successfully. You’ll also get some tips and advice on preparing yourself before going to the immigration office for your interview.

1: Why Are You Visiting Canada?

This question happens to be the first question asked mainly by the officers. It’s first on our most common Canadian immigration interview questions and answers. The immigration officer in charge will want to know why you want to visit Canada. As a student or a business person, there are many reasons why you have chosen to study or do business in Canada, and you’re expected to answer honestly and correctly. 

A student coming to Canada must be prepared by providing information about his/her studies and the school you intend to attend. For business, you should be able to provide the needed details about the company and how you tend to go about it.

2• Have You Been to Canada Before?

The immigration officer would want to know if you have visited Canada before and the reason you visited. The officer may also like to know how long you stayed and the last time you came. But if you have not been to Canada before, the officer would like to know why you are visiting and how long you plan to stay. Be prepared to attend to the questions truthfully with details. 

3•   Where Will You Stay?

This question is one of the most challenging questions immigration officers always ask applicants. The answer to this question is simple. The immigration officer expects you to talk about where you will stay as a business person or student moving to Canada. If you are planning on staying with someone or getting an apartment of your own, let the immigration officer in charge know. 

Your accommodation plans should be well reserved as the immigration officer would want to know every detail. So, ensure you have accommodation details, for example, your homestay’s address or your dorm’s address, or anywhere you could secure an apartment in Canada. However, if you haven’t gotten any, visit here for ideas on how to do that.

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4• Which School Will You Attend?

One of the most common Canadian immigration interview questions and answers is which school will you attend? This question is specifically for students looking to attend any of the Canadian Universities. 

Note that some of the questions asked to a student depend on the situation of the student, and the student’s response to this question will determine whether they are qualified to enter Canada or not.  

5•   How Long Do You Intend to Stay In Canada?

How long you intend to stay in Canada is one of the most common Canadian immigration interview questions and answers in this post. This is because this happens to be one of the most regular questions you must answer to enable the immigration officers to decide if you are fit. 

Ensure to be honest, and answer correctly. If you are coming for a long-term program or a short-term program, it must be clearly stated how you intend to support yourself in the aspect of finance while in Canada. 

Also, as a business person, how long you plan on running your business in Canada is essential. Ensure, to be honest with the officials to avoid visa decline.

6•    Have you Conducted Any Research Concerning Canada’s Business environment?

The answer to this question should be based on whether you’ve carried out any form of research concerning Canada’s business environment. If you’ve done that, share your findings, but if you haven’t, let them know. Always be sure that the answers you’re providing are accurate.

7•    Who Will Be Responsible for Your Expenses?

Always expect this question, and that is why it’s included in our most common Canadian immigration interview questions and answers. Here, the immigration officer wants to be sure you have enough money to support your study in Canada or fund your business. 

If you are a student moving into Canada, the officer will ask how you intend to support yourself financially or who will be responsible for the expenses. 

The officials may ask for proof of financial capability and support which includes a letter from your sponsor, a statement of account, or any other financial support evidence. It’s almost the same in the case of entrepreneurs.

8•  Do You Have Any Previous Entrepreneurial Experience?

You can begin answering this question by sharing your previous experience in any business or firm you’ve run. For instance, let’s say you’ve once launched a software consultancy or a digital marketing firm, or even a production brand, share the experience you gained from running the business or company. The challenges and breakthrough stages should be included.

You can begin by saying I once owned a digital marketing firm where I helped large and small businesses manage their businesses in the Internet space. This is also included in this post because it’s one of the most common Canadian immigration interview questions and answers you must encounter.

9• Do You Have any Relatives or Friends In Canada?

If you have any ties in Canada, the immigration officer will ask you to provide their names and contact address. So ensure you provide their correct information. However, if you don’t have a family member or friends in Canada, be honest with your answer. Let them know you don’t have any relations residing in Canada.

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10•   Have You Identified Any Potential Competitors or Challenges in the Canadian Market for Your Business?

You should answer this question as regards your findings on the potential competitors or challenges in the Canadian market for your business. However, if you haven’t, your answer should be no. Don’t, by any chance, provide the wrong information to avoid waking up to visa decline mail. 

We included this question in our most common Canadian immigration interview questions and answers to help you prepare well. 

Furthermore, If you have conducted any risk analysis or have any contingency plans, disclose them to the immigration officers interviewing you. It can help fast-track your visa as an entrepreneur looking to do business in Canada.

11• What is Your Educational Background?

The immigration officer would also want to know your educational qualifications and background. So, as a student planning to travel to Canada for your academics, be ready to provide the necessary information concerning your previous studies. This will enable your easy entry to Canada. 

12•  How Do You Intend to Fund Your Business Venture in Canada? 

We included this in our most common Canadian immigration interview questions and answers because you must meet this question as an entrepreneur during your immigration interview. 

You can start by telling them you have secured funding from a particular venture in Canada, and they are willing to invest nothing less than $200,000 in your business. 

Ensure you have a venture funding your business and get the investment agreement papers and a statement of account as a proof.

13• Have You Ever Been Denied a Visa to Canada or Any Other Country Before?

The officer wants to verify your immigration history or any visa refusals precisely. Always be straightforward and honest in your response. In providing essential details, you must show that you learned from your previous mistakes. Furthermore, always comply with immigration regulations. 

14•  Which University/College Did You Apply For?

Here, the immigration officer wants to be sure you got admission into a legitimate and recognized school. Ensure you provide them with the name, address, and other relevant documents relating to your entry. 

15•   What is The Nature of Your Business?

The immigration interview officials will want to know the nature of the business you’re traveling to Canada for to enable them to see if you’re eligible for the visa. Make sure you have everything planned out, including your business name and plans. Also, let them know that you’ve conducted market research in the business and show them data if the outcome.

16•   Do You Have Any Criminal Record?

The immigration officer wants to be sure that you do not have any criminal history or records or charges that could put a risk on Canadian society. It is essential to show that you are an individual that abides by the country’s laws and regulations. 

17• Do You Plan to Work in Canada?

The immigration officer will like you to share what your intentions concerning work after schooling in Canada is. We added this question to our list of the most common Canadian immigration interview questions and answers because it’s one of the questions for students who want to study in Canada.

If you have any plan of working alongside your studies or after school, then you will need a study permit that will be proof that you got admission to a particular institution of learning. They will want to know the kind of job you desire to do and the duration you intend to do it. 

Good Leads on Answering Canada Immigration Questions at The Interview 

When going for a Canada immigration interview, the following tips will help you achieve your goals of traveling to Canada for either work, studies, or business. Take a look at some of them below:

  • Be straightforward and honest 
  •  Provide clear and concise answers 
  • Come alongside with your relevant documents, which include your international passport, study or work permit, and other required credentials 
  • Make sure you dress appropriately 
  • Make sure you arrive on time for your appointment
  • Be of good manners and be respectful to the immigration officers
  •  During the interview, always maintain eye contact. 

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Conclusion On Most Common Canadian Immigration Interview Questions and Answers 

Knowing the most common Canadian immigration interview questions and answers will help you prepare and emerge victorious. The immigration questions at the immigration office or the airport can be intimidating sometimes, but if you are well prepared, you can easily pull through it. 

Before anything else, ensure that all your documents are ready and in good condition. Do not forget to dress nice, be bold, have confidence while talking, arrive on time, and be courteous during your interview. With these slight hints, be ready to experience a successful study in Canada. 

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