How To Announce New Job On LinkedIn

Announcing new jobs and promotions is one of the primary uses of LinkedIn. You might be wondering, should I announce my new job on LinkedIn? The answer is; for someone who wants to express gratitude to past coworkers and share their excitement about a new beginning, a new job announcement is necessary.

The joy of getting a new job might propel you to want to share the news with the whole world, even if not the entire world, but your LinkedIn connections to express how happy you are, get their congratulatory messages, and even get connected with your colleagues at your new place of work. 

In this post, we will explore how to announce a new job on LinkedIn. So, if this is what you want to read about, let’s start immediately. 

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How to announce a new Job on LinkedIn

There are several tips on how to announce a new job on the LinkedIn app, and you must go with the one that suits you. Check below to see how to add new job announcements on LinkedIn:

  1. Turn off “Open to work.”

Most people add the green #opentowork banner to their profile during their job search. Now that you have found a new job, it is time to remove it before formally making a public announcement.

  1. Automatic Notifications

LinkedIn has a function that informs about any updates you might make to your LinkedIn profile. When you add a new job section, it will trigger a notification to appear for your entire network. Below is how to set it: 

  • Click on the icon “Me” on your LinkedIn homepage
  • Select “Settings and privacy” from the dropdown menu
  • Click the tab called “Visibility.”
  • Under “visibility,” click on “Share profile edits.”
  • Choose “On” to share your profile edits. To turn it off, just click “Off.” 
  1. Notify your network

You can do this by simply adding your new job role to the “Experience” section and choosing the ” Notify network” option. Doing so, you promote your profile update to your connections with a standard announcement. You can also follow this up with a personal post afterward. 

  1. Write a personal post

Aside from already mentioned how to make a new job announcement on LinkedIn, you can write a personal post. Many prefer to share a personal post using their own words and perhaps a photo at their new workplace or with their new team. 

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What a LinkedIn job announcement should and should not feature 

Generally, your LinkedIn announcement should be direct and straight to the point. Below are what a LinkedIn announcement should include: 

  • An engaging introduction: It is essential to start your new job announcement with something enticing, as this will draw attention
  • Share details about your current role: Share your new job role and the company you currently work for. 
  • Highlight your enthusiasm: Share your excitement about your new job; this will make your connections feel happy for you and reflect positively on your employer or boss.
  • Express gratitude to previous colleagues: Thank your colleagues, boss, and anyone who helped you in your job search or referred you, even if the referral didn’t get you the new job.
  • Include relevant hashtags: Add hashtags related to your job title or company to increase the post’s visibility.
  • Consider adding a professional photo: You can add a professional image of yourself in your new workplace or with your new team to make your post visually appealing. 
  • Respond to comments: Don’t forget to respond to comments from your connections. Many people will send their congratulations, and it is good you react to them
  • Make your post in the day: Ensure you announce it during the day so your connections can see it. 
  • Avoid mentioning the jobs you didn’t get: You might have experienced rejection during your job search. Now that you have landed a new job, for you not to burn bridges towards future opportunities, avoid mentioning the names of the employees or companies. 
  • Avoid sharing anything private about your new employer’s hiring process: When you announce your new job, do not discuss how you were hired.  For instance, if it took multiple rounds of interviews for you to get the job, avoid talking about it. You are not to disclose a potentially private detail of their hiring process. 

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When do you announce a new job on LinkedIn? 

It is entirely up to you to choose when to announce your new job. While some people would like to announce it immediately they join the company; others want to wait until the first day of the new job or the end of the first week. 

Announcing your new job immediately allows you to connect with your new boss and colleagues; the company may also like to share your update and announce your new role. 

Announcing it later helps to ensure you like the job, are settled in, and have some things to say about the new role before making a post. Moreover, you wouldn’t like to announce your new role and withdraw it if there are any issues with your employment contract. 

Additionally, some companies may have specific policies regarding what their workers can post on social media. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with the company’s policies before publicly announcing on LinkedIn. 

Why You Might Want to Announce Your Job on LinkedIn 

  • Networking: Connecting with your colleagues at your company can be helpful. Announcing your new job on LinkedIn may help you connect with your coworkers at your new place of work.
  • Visibility:  You may wish to become well-known for what you do or the industry where you work; sharing details on LinkedIn about your new job can do this for you. It may boost your visibility. 

Final Thoughts on How to Announce a New Job on LinkedIn

Finally, announcing your new job on LinkedIn lets you showcase your skills and expertise to your professional network. 

Ensure that your post is straight to the point and brief, don’t forget to use relevant hashtags, add a professional image, and remember to proofread and edit it before posting. Additionally, after you have posted it, don’t forget to respond to comments from your connections. 

If you can follow the tips mentioned above on how to announce a new job on a LinkedIn post, I’m sure you will end up writing an engaging, informative, and professional post. 

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