How to Apply for the Actuarial Diversity Scholarship

If you are a student of color in search of a career in the Actuarial profession, you should consider a scholarship. Have you ever heard of the Actuarial Diversity Scholarship? If yes, what is still keeping you away from applying for the scholarship? Probably you didn’t know that this fantastic opportunity is a life transforming home that can help you achieve your dreams 

However, we’re here to share with you what the scholarship is all about and how you can apply. Furthermore, through the Actuarial Diversity scholarship program, aspiring actuaries students receive money to cover education expenses on a merit base. It is an annual prize of up to $4,000. 

To be eligible, the student must have at least one birth parent who is a minority, among other eligibility criteria. Now, lets get deeper into this. 

Understanding the Actuarial Diversity Scholarship

The Actuarial Foundation funds the Actuarial Diversity Scholarship. They operate as a nonprofit charitable organization in the Actuarial industry in the United States. Through this scholarship, the Foundation promotes diversity within the Actuarial profession while encouraging and recognizing students’ academic accomplishments. 

Furthermore, the award program is open to minority students seeking a degree that may lead to a career in actuarial. In other words, it is obtainable for first-year and full-time Actuarial undergraduates studying at an accredited institution in the United States. 

Students whose birth parent(s) belong to one of the minority groups can apply for this scholarship.  Each year, the Organization gives financial help to deserving students to pay for college education. The prize is not the same yearly but does not exceed $4,000 for each recipient. 

The application deadline for the Actuarial Diversity Scholarship is usually in May. However, we advise applicants to check the program’s official website for an updated deadline. Also, bookmark this blog because we’ll keep you all updated when the Actuarial Diversity scholarship 2024/2025 application opens.

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Eligibility requirements for the Actuarial Diversity Scholarship

Typically, each applicant must fulfill the following requirements for the Actuarial Diversity Scholarship: 

  •  Have at least one birth parent who is a member of any of these minority groups: Native North American, Black/African American, Latinx, or Pacific Islander
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale), with emphasis on math or actuarial courses. 
  • Must have shown a strong interest in pursuing a career in the Actuarial field. 
  • Entering college, first-year students must have a minimum ACT math score of 28 or SAT math score of 620.
  • Be enrolled or plan to register as a full-time undergraduate student at an accredited institution in the United States. 
  • Be the United States legal permanent resident or citizen. 

Supporting documents 

The Actuarial Diversity Scholarship application may require the following documents: 

  • Entering first-year students only: Upload a copy of your official ACT and SAT score report. 
  • Upload a copy of your official AP score report. 
  • Entering sophomores only: Upload your high school transcripts. 
  • Specify which college courses are from credits from your AP exams.
  • Letters of recommendation. 
  • Essay or personal statement.

How to Apply for Actuarial Diversity Scholarship

Applying for the Actuarial Diversity Scholarship is pretty simple. All you have to do is follow everything we’ll detail below and apply. The 2023 scholarship recipients are over 50 students, so, get ready for the 2024/2025 application. You may be the lucky one.

  •  Eligibility Check: The first step you should take in applying for this award is to study the requirements to ascertain you qualify for it. 
  • Gather supporting documents: Prepare all the required documents and information for the application. Ensure they are all authentic and up-to-date. These documents may include letters of recommendation, official transcripts, essay or personal statement, and official ACT/SAT scores reports. 
  •  Log in to the official scholarship website: You may need to use your email to create an account on the Actuarial Diversity Scholarship official website. 
  • Complete application: Upon creating an account, complete your application form with the necessary documentation. 
  • Review application: Ensure you provide all the necessary information and documents. Check for misspellings and grammatical errors and correct them. 
  • Apply: Once done with the corrections, click the “submit” button to submit your application. 
  • Make an early application: While doing all of this, you must pay attention to the deadline; this is why you should start the process early to meet up. 

For your letters of recommendation, you can meet a teacher or professional who knows you well and can tell how awesome you are. Also read Scholarship Recommendation Letter Made Easy to understand what scholarship recommendation letter is all about.

In addition, a compelling essay will increase your possibility of winning the scholarship. Write an essay that will stand out and convince the sponsors that you deserve the award. 

How the Actuarial Diversity Scholarship is Judged

After all applications are submitted, the sponsors go through them to determine the application that best meets the scholarship requirements. Once a winner is found, they send the scholarship prize to the awardee’s school. 

Final Thoughts on the Actuarial Diversity Scholarship

In conclusion, the Actuarial Diversity Scholarship program is organized to facilitate diversity within the Actuarial profession in the United States. Thanks to the Actuarial Foundation, minority students aspiring to pursue a career in Actuarial can get financial assistance for their college. 

Furthermore, this scholarship program benefits citizens and permanent residents of the United States. Additionally, applicant’s parent(s) must be members of any minority groups: Black or African American, Latinx, Pacific Islander, or Native North American. So, if you find yourself here, you have gone through the post; hence, we urge you to get set for the 2024/2025 actuarial scholarship application. Good luck!

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